Student Leadership

Who We Are

The PTSA Student Leadership Group (SLG) is purposed for students who are looking to make a difference at the school, in the community, and in the world through service activities, while learning to become and participate as a student leader.

What Do We Do

  • Plan and implement activities to improve campus life
  • Attend Leadership Training Workshop to help become an effective leader, participate in team building activities, and develop project planning skills
  • Support PTSA/TSO sponsored events
  • Earn service hours for IB program and earn the President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA)
  • Learn Robert’s Rules of Order to govern a meeting using parliamentary procedure

Join Our Group

Come to Our Meetings

Dates: 9/11/2023, 10/2/2003, 11/6/2023, 1/16/2023, 2/5/2023, 3/4/2023, 4/8/2023, 5/6/2023 during lunch in Room 412

2023-2024 Troy PTSA SLG Board Committee Chart

PVSA Community Service Tracking

2023 PTSA Booth at Orientation
2023 All It Takes (AIT) Leadership Training
2023 AIT Leadership Training Activity 1
2023 AIT Leadership Training Activity 2
2023 Creative Program Award for SLG
2023 Teacher Appreciation Treat
2023 PTSA SLG Officer Installation
2023 Troy Staff and PTSA Scholarship
2023 Senior Send Off Banner

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